Council pushes ahead with elite soccer takeover

Well folks, this really is it. The agenda for next week's council meeting (Wednesday October 13th, link below) shows Moreland City Council plans to press ahead with turning 80% of Hosken Reserve over for soccer use, leaving the growing Merlynston community with a meager 25.5m x 100m of grassed open space at the 5.5ha local park to use at key times of the week (afternoons, evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday).

If this is not the outcome you want, PLEASE email or call councillors now and tell them how this decision will impact your household. Also sign our petition if you have not, which asks councillors to support a smaller northern pitch of 96m x 63m (this meets NPL requirements and fits the same number of concurrent junior games as the maximum pitch size proposed) and to keep the east pitch as an accessible space. This East Field space has not previously been allocated to the soccer club, and it should not be now. The mayor, Cr Annalivia Carli Hannan, has said previously that the tiny wedge of space between the two new soccer pitches in the north half of Hosken Reserve is plenty for community use. Council is rezoning a large 1.74ha piece of industrial land just east of Hosken Reserve to residential and mixed use. If we want to save our park, everyone who will lose out if this plan gets approved needs to contact the mayor and councillors to demand that they not sell our community out. Here is a link to next Wednesday's council meeting agenda - PDF version with attachments (large document). Please remember to share our petition to your Moreland networks.

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