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Contact Council and Government Decision-Makers

It's important decision-makers know our community is aware of the lack of transparency and consultation on this massive project. Find contacts and key messages to assist with drafting emails or making calls.
Showing you understand your right to use Moreland's green recreation spaces (regardless of your fitness or interests) will make a difference in the fight to keep them accessible for everyone.


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Make sure everyone knows what is happening to Moreland's green spaces without consultation.  The council plans to install many more synthetic sport pitches.

Join our Facebook Group

Join our Facebook group 'Keep Hosken Accessible to All' to stay in touch. 

#Grassnotplastic Photo Protest

Join our photo protest by posting a photo of you with the grass of Hosken Reserve and why you want it to stay #grassnotplastic. When posting don't forget to tag @savehoskenreserve


Spread the Word

Many of the local community don't know the Hosken synthetic pitch installation is scheduled to happen in Jan 2021. To save the grass oval and shared space we need to make sure everyone knows about it. Here is how you can spread the word:

Make a Sign


Make a sign to let people know what is going on. Make sure you add this and the Facebook group 'Keep Hosken Reserve Accessible for all'

Put up Green Ribbons


To create a visual representation of how much we love the grass at Hosken Reserve, tie a green ribbon or green fabric around a tree in your yard or on your fence.

Sign up to enews


Stay up to date with what is happening at Hosken by signing up to our email newsletter. Email your name and email address to:


Sign the Petition

Let City of Moreland know you have concerns about all of its grass sports fields. We're now campaigning for Moreland to investigate alternatives to synthetic to accommodate sport and community demand, such as best practice sports turf. We hope to present this petition in September 2021. For more information about best practice natural turf, here is a webinar.


Vote to Save Hosken

The following candidates have pledged to stop the tender process if elected, until residents are also consulted and their needs factored into Hosken's future. 

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