Who To Contact

Below are contact details for decision-makers, as well as some key points you may wish to bring up regarding the Hosken Reserve project. It is better to focus on the points that most impact or concern you personally.

Why won't you be able to use or enjoy your local park if it is converted to synthetic sports pitches rather than kept as a grass, multi-purpose space? Why are you concerned about the manner in which council has rushed this project through without consultation? Whether you're from Coburg North, or elsewhere in Moreland, we all have a stake in community recreation spaces and fair, transparent government processes.

It is best to address each email / letter to one decision-maker, rather than several (don't CC). Please be persistent. If you don’t receive a response within a reasonable time frame, follow up and escalate your request. Request more information or action. Complaints can be escalated to https://www.ombudsman.vic.gov.au/

Moreland Councillors


Results of the October 2020 council election were announced recently. We encourage you to contact returning and new councillors to insist they help take this bad, special-interests project back to the drawing board. Councillors will vote soon about whether to accept council staff recommendations that the project to convert the community's grass recreation space to synthetic proceed.

We must explain to Crs Oscar Yildiz, Helen Davidson, Lambros Tapinos, Annalivia Carli-Hannan and Milad El-Halabi that this process has been extremely unfair, lacking in transparency and is not in the best interests of the broader Moreland community. It is a special-interest project serving a soccer club, Football Victoria and one private school.

Key points for your communication to City of Moreland councillors:

Moreland City Council has:

  • Contact the above councillors who did not sign the Hosken Reserve pledge and ask them why? Ask why they don't consider you a stakeholder in the future of your community's local green or recreation space? Tell them limited consultation designed by council staff who back the project to convert the oval area to synthetic turf instead of the soccer club's existing pitch will not suffice.

  • The community has never been consulted about plans to install a full-sized synthetic soccer pitch on the shared oval space at Hosken Reserve. The existing Masterplan council adopted for Hosken Reserve in 2009 did not include a full sized synthetic pitch at this location.  

  • Tell them how you use Hosken Reserve and why you won't be able to any more. How will the new plans impact you/your family?

  • If you're a soccer player r play sport of any kind, tell them why you don't think converting grass sports fields to synthetic is necessary or a good idea.

  • Explain why you're concerned that council officers did not consider local residents living next tot he park as stakeholders worthy of consultation. Council only consulted a sports club, a school, state and local soccer associations and Victorian government departments.

  • City of Moreland never made the new plan public in council documents or at its website in breach of many council commitments and strategies.

  • Thank councillors and candidates who did take the pledge during the election.

  • The documentation supporting the vote to approve the budget that contained funds for the Hosken Reserve redevelopment, did not make clear:     

    • that the plan had been changed since previous votes in support

    • pictures and details of the new plan were not available

    • that the plan being approved in the budget included replacing the shared grass oval with a full sized synthetic turf or 

    • that community consultation had not (and would not) be carried out

City of Moreland election 2020

The Pledge FB .png

North-East Ward Councillors

Hosken Reserve is in North East ward. 

* indicates returning  / incumbent councillor 

Did not pledge to pause the Hosken project


* Annalivia Carli Hannan: acarlihannan@moreland.vic.gov.au or annalivia.carli-hannan@vic.alp.org.au

Did pledge to pause project for consultation

* Sue Bolton: sbolton@moreland.vic.gov.au

Adam Pulford: apulford@moreland.vic.gov.au

Helen Pavlidis-Mihalakos: HPavlidism@moreland.vic.gov.au

North West Ward Candidates

* indicates returning / incumbent councillor

Did not pledge to pause the project


* Oscar Yildiz: oyildiz@moreland.vic.gov.au
and contact@oscaryildiz.com.au

* Helen Davidson: hdavidson@moreland.vic.gov.au
and helen.davidson@email.com

Milad El-Halabi: miladcmc@gmail.com and MElHalabi@moreland.vic.gov.au

Did pledge to pause project for consultation

Angelica Panopoulos: APanopoulos@moreland.vic.gov.au 

South Ward Candidates

* indicates returning / incumbent councillor 

Did not pledge to pause the project

* Lambros Tapinos: ltapinos@moreland.vic.gov.au  and/or

Did pledge to pause project for consultation

James Conlan: jconlan@moreland.vic.gov.au

* Mark Riley: mriley@moreland.vic.gov.au

City of Moreland Executive

Key points for your communication to council executive:

Moreland City Council has:

  • Never consulted or sought to engage local residents (who use the park for multiple forms of recreation) on the current plans put to tender on September 19th, two days before the council election caretaker period. The plans are still not available on council's website.

  • Failed to engage Merlynston residents about plans for Hosken Reserve since 2007-2009. The council's plans for the reserve have changed drastically since that time. Tender documents reveal plans to convert most of the oval area to synthetic turf (and fence it). The 2008 Masterplan only considered three variations of a plan to create a training-size synthetic soccer pitch, mainly in the space east of the oval. The oval was to host a full-size, grass soccer pitch.

  • Failure to consult the community on changes to the plan in contravention of the council’s own Community Engagement and Public Participation in Moreland Policy (2018).

  • Failed to adhere to principles of transparency with regards to ensuring both serving councillors and the public were made aware of details of newer plans for Hosken Reserve.

  • Wasted money and failed to show strategic planning by making a 2016 investment (with Melbourne Water) in a $1.5 million wastewater irrigation system to water the grass oval at Hosken North redundant with these new plans to install synthetic turf.

  • Failed to show strategic planning to underpin the decision to convert Hosken Reserve from a multi-purpose recreation space with a sustainable watering system to a synthetic, fenced soccer pitch suitable only for extensive use by private club soccer players. If this project proceeds in its current form there will be four soccer pitches within a 500-metre radius, but Merlynston residents will no have access to a multi-purpose, available recreation space for exercise. Council says the new pitches will be used by soccer players up to 70 hours per week.

  • Failed to align the new Hosken Reserve plans with other relevant council strategies and policies, for example; Open Space Strategy, Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan, Zero Carbon Moreland Action Plan and the Urban Heat Island Effect Action Plan.

Despite the above, Moreland CEO Cathy Henderson is so far leaving the decision of whether to pause the Hosken project so further consultation can take place to the new, incoming council.

Contact info@moreland.vic.gov.au and call 9240 1111 to escalate to an official complaint

Direct your emails (or phone calls) to the attention of one of the following:

  • Cathy Henderson, CEO (has power to improve consultation about the Hosken project and investigate staff performance)

  • Arden Joseph, Director Community Development (responsibility for parks and sport / recreation spaces)

  • Joseph Tabacco, Director Engagement and Partnerships (responsibility for Community Engagement / community consultation) 

  • Anita Curnow, Director City Infrastructure (including capital works delivery and open space)

  • Sue Vujcevic, Director Business Transformation (including Governance)

  • Kirsten Coster, Director City Futures (has responsibility for: City Strategy and Design)


Sports Victoria, State MP and relevant Victorian Ministers

The Victoria Government has not ruled out funding this project in future, or funding other synthetic sports pitches in public parks. Its World Game Facilities Fund incentivises such 'upgrades' to green spaces. Let the government know that sports clubs must share open, green spaces with other members of the Melbourne and Victorian community - the majority of whom do not participate in sports clubs - preferring other forms of active recreation on a natural, grass surface!

Address your email or phone call to the relevant Victorian Government decision-maker below: 

Ros Spence: Minister for Community Sport ros.spence@parliament.vic.gov.au She determines whether to uphold the grant 
Sport and Recreation Victoria: contact this body regarding the World Game Facilities Fund cfnp@sport.vic.gov.au  

Lily D'Ambrosio: Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change lily.dambrosio@parliament.vic.gov.au  

Lizzie Blandthorn: ALP Member for Pascoe Vale: lizzie.blandthorn@parliament.vic.gov.au 

Daniel Andrews: Victorian Premier daniel.andrews@parliament.vic.gov.au