Who To Contact

Below are contact details for decision-makers, as well as some key points you may wish to bring up regarding the Hosken Reserve project. It is better to focus on the points that most impact or concern you personally.

Why won't you be able to use or enjoy your local park if two more soccer pitches are added to the space? Are you concerned about the manner in which council has rushed through this NPL 'double-header' facility, without proper consultation or transparency? Whether you live in Coburg North, or elsewhere in Moreland, we all have a stake in community recreation spaces and fair, transparent government processes.

It is best to address each email / letter to one decision-maker, rather than several (don't CC). Please be persistent. If you don’t receive a response within a reasonable time frame, follow up and escalate your request. Request more information or action. Complaints can be escalated to https://www.ombudsman.vic.gov.au/

Moreland Councillors

Write to the below councillors to express your concerns about the draft plan for Hosken Reserve which adds two new soccer pitches and leaves very little space informal recreation space for  surrounding residents to exercise on weeknights and weekends. Councillors will vote on a new plan October 13 but need to hear from you ASAP!

North-East Ward Councillors

Hosken Reserve is in North East ward.  

Annalivia Carli Hannan: acarlihannan@moreland.vic.gov.au 0418 263 525

Sue Bolton: sbolton@moreland.vic.gov.au 0417 583 664

Adam Pulford: apulford@moreland.vic.gov.au 0417 835 793

Helen Pavlidis-Mihalakos: HPavlidism@moreland.vic.gov.au 0409 200 418

North West Ward councillors

Oscar Yildiz: oyildiz@moreland.vic.gov.au 0413 850 357
Helen Davidson: hdavidson@moreland.vic.gov.au 0403 709 948
Milad El-Halabi: MElHalabi@moreland.vic.gov.au 0457 555 555

Angelica Panopoulos: APanopoulos@moreland.vic.gov.au 0417 854 518

South Ward councillors

Lambros Tapinos: ltapinos@moreland.vic.gov.au 0433 419 075

James Conlan: jconlan@moreland.vic.gov.au 0409 279 335

Mark Riley: mriley@moreland.vic.gov.au 0499 807 044

City of Moreland Executive

Contact info@moreland.vic.gov.au and call 9240 1111 to escalate to an official complaint

Direct your emails (or phone calls) to the attention of one of the following:

  • Cathy Henderson, CEO (has power to improve consultation about the Hosken project and investigate staff performance)

  • Barry Hahn, Acting Director Community Development (responsibility for parks and sport / recreation spaces)

  • Joseph Tabacco, Director Engagement and Partnerships (responsibility for Community Engagement / community consultation) 

  • Anita Curnow, Director City Infrastructure (including capital works delivery and open space)

  • Sue Vujcevic, Director Business Transformation (including Governance)

  • Kirsten Coster, Director City Futures (has responsibility for: City Strategy and Design)